Memoira™ - Ember Melody
Restore Your Brain To Its Peak Functionality

Everyone forgets things from time to time — keys, faces, even simple things like grocery lists. But when you start to forget these types of things too often, and too many of them at once, there might be a bigger problem brewing.

Some extent of memory loss, as well as moderate diminishing of other thinking skills, is a fairly common part of aging. But not all memory loss is normal. Many people don't realize how their diet and lifestyle habits can significantly affect their memory over time, so they are unable to protect themselves against brain decline.

The possibility of experiencing memory loss should always be taken seriously. But there is a way to slow down its progression and it is Memoira™, the perfect way to strengthen your memory so it becomes second nature again.

Memoira™: Keeping Every Memory Long-Term

Our brains are constantly working and require specific nutrients in order to maintain high levels of cognitive function. Memoira™ is a breakthrough natural remedy specially formulated by experts so that they contain just the right mix of ingredients needed to improve memory. It works from the inside out to restore your brain to its peak performance without expensive prescriptions or invasive procedures.

Memoira™ is created using rosemary oil, obtained through the latest steam distillation process. Hailed in folk medicine since antiquity, researchers have found that breathing in the scent of rosemary oil actually allows your brain to work better! This is because it contains the highest 1,8-cineole, a strong compound that increases brain activation in the frontal cortex, which results in a boost of cognitive performance to allow anyone to enjoy a better memory function and to perform any tasks faster and more accurately.

So, give your brain a fighting chance by letting the natural benefits of rosemary oil in Memoira™ to gift you a significant boost in cognitive function and brain power.

Mesmerizing Benefits

  • Improves cognitive function and mental performance

  • Expands memory recall abilities

  • Regenerates brain cells and prevents brain decline

  • Enhances focus and alertness

  • Boosts energy, mood, creativity and mental clarity

  • Reduces brain fog, anxiety and stress
How To Use
Topical Application
Mix a few drops with any type of carrier oil and gently massage the mixture with even pressure on your temples while breathing in this herbaceous aromatic blend.
By Diffusion
Add 4-6 drops into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner of your choice and experience better cognitive performance. For ultimate relaxation, add the same amount into a hot bath.

*Note: Consumer data has shown that completion of one full treatment (3 bottles) highly correlates with desired results.

Just few months ago I was still upset I turned 80 but I realized it isn’t that bad at all. And it’s all thanks to Memoira™. I’ve been hearing so much from how my friends could easily forget little things, forget what they are doing and sometimes, they even forget names of their family. But luckily, I started using Memoira ever since its clinical trial till now and my brain works fine. No memory loss, no cognitive decline, just pure ease. I could even teach my grandchildren their homework. Better start using this magnificent oil early, people.

Cindy Lynch, AZ

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I’m a university student who studies part-time and work part-time. Due to my finance issues, I’ve been working more than the hours I study. That means I get very few hours of sleep and that has started to affect my studies. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t remember and I started failing my grades. I didn’t want to continue the cycle, so I decided to invest in this. And really, it’s the best decision I made. After buying 3 bottles, I was surprised I could function even better, even with just 4 hours of sleep! I could easily recall what was taught, answer challenging questions accurately and even became more efficient in my part-time job!

Joyce Carpenter, TX

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As all of us know, working in the legal sector requires a lot of attention to details, analytical thinking and good memory. Recently, coffee doesn’t help me to deliver my work as good as before, which I think aging is the reason. But, thankfully, there’s Memoira™. Every time I couldn’t think clearly, every time I feel mentally drained, a nice whiff of this would do the trick to help me provide sound, logical, accurate judgements, which is really what every lawyer need. Never thought I could easily bid goodbye to cloudy thoughts for good, truly remarkable!

Edgar Daniels, RI

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