Refresh Memory - Ember Melody
Discover The Boyfriend Who Only Has A Maximum
Of 6-Hour Memory Every Day

Who am I? Who’s my family? What am I supposed to do? Asking himself the same questions every morning, 30-year-old David is the first person in the world who forgets himself every day.

His life is heavily dependent on a notebook with all necessary details, that were all prepared by someone who could make him feel like he knows himself. This special someone is Julie, his girlfriend whom he has started dating since university.

Whenever David looks at her at the 6-hour mark, it would be love at first sight all over again. All because of the tragic accident that happened…

The Big Day

On the day David decided to propose to Julie, he was driving on his way to see her. But he got into a major car collision and was immediately sent into the ER.

Shocked to hear from the hospital that David went into a coma, Julie rushed to his ICU. That was when a nurse stopped her to pass her something… And there in her hands, were 2 silver rings.

Instantly understood what they meant, Julie started crying with mixed emotions. Day after day, she patiently waited for him to wake up while she takes care of him.

Fortunately, David regained his consciousness a week later. But there was something that David couldn’t regain, which was all his memories!

“They were all wiped out…”

“He could no longer remember anything that has happened before his head injury and even whatever happened yesterday.”

“All because of what the doctors called, a level 3 TBI, a severe traumatic brain injury that made him completely lose the ability of using his long-term memory.”

“Despite that, David would still ask me to marry him every day, even when he has no memory of all the sweet moments we once had.”

“He just kept telling me that he felt like we’re soulmates.”

- Julie

Kneeling Down Every Day

Chasing after Julie every day, David would do anything to get her to say “Yes”. Once, he even tried to cook her breakfast when she was still asleep. Yet another misfortune happened as David forgot to turn the gas off, causing a small fire in the kitchen.

Immensely worried, Julie started to keep a close eye on David since his symptoms had worsened to the point of forgetting things after mere seconds. Even though she took him to see every doctor, therapist and specialist, all they could provide was just medications.

Unwilling to give up, Julie thought of their university professor, Dr. Henry, who’s a world-leading professor specializing in neuroscience. Thinking that he might be able to help David, they paid him a visit.

“I was so heartbroken to see David unable to recognize me.”

“He used to be the top student in class who even assisted me in my research and experiments.”

“At that point of time, I really hoped I could do something for him.”

– Dr. Henry

They Never Forget

That was when Dr. Henry recalled a special ingredient from his latest research in a small town where all villagers are known to remember every little thing.

“Once I stepped into the village, I could already smell a strong familiar scent.”

“It was the scent of rosemary, which everyone’s lives here heavily revolve around it.”

“In each household, you can find them growing the same rosemary, using it in their meals, bath, decorations and everything!”

“Practicing these routines for generations, they believed this was the key to keep their brain healthy and young in the long run.”

“True enough, every single one of them really have photographic memory!”

“And with 0 records of memory problems, they seem to have a brain like Google without any storage limits!”

– Dr. Henry

Unique Of Its Kind

Dr. Henry knew there was something special about their rosemary. Hypothesizing that it might help David, he went back to collect a small sample. As its scent was the fastest way the ingredient could reach to one’s brain, Dr. Henry concentrated the rosemary into an oil for David to use topically.

“In just a few days, I started waking up remembering myself!”

“And the next week, I didn’t need to rely on my notebook anymore!”

“Because I could finally remember everything I used to do, like tons of flashback memories started filling in my head!”

“I even recalled the reason why I wanted to propose to Julie, because we’re having a baby!”

“Now, I’m just so happy I get to be a better husband and father just in time.”

– David

“I was so surprised and touched David knew I was 9 weeks pregnant.”

“He even remembers all my prenatal appointments better than me!”

“Thanks to the oil, I can finally feel how much David loves and cares for me once again.”

- Julie

So, how did Dr. Henry’s prototype work so remarkably well?

This was what Dr. Henry explained.

“The rosemary from this village was indeed unique on its own.”

“Somehow, it contains the highest 1,8-cineole.”

“It’s a strong compound that’s exceptionally helpful to repair damaged brain neurons in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex where our long-term memory is stored.”

“Besides repairing, 1,8-cineole also increases the connections between neurons to create more room for information to be stored long-term.”

“This is why David can now easily keep new information in his long-term memory and recall old memories as they were all restored!”

– Dr. Henry


Realizing how this ingredient can significantly improve all the conditions of people who have been struggling with memory problems, forgetfulness and even aging, both Dr. Henry and David felt a great need to share it to the whole world.

So, they created Memoira™.

“Infused with the highest concentration of 1,8-cineole, this key compound of Memoira™ made using the rosemary specifically from the village will easily cross through our blood-brain barrier to increase memory neurons in different parts of our brain,”

“Which results in a boost of memory and cognitive functions as more synaptic connections are formed in your brain to gift you fast responsiveness and shorter learning curves along with good problem-solving skills and enhanced attention span.”

“By just inhaling the scent of Memoira™ once a day, your brain will not only be protected from the loss of neurons caused by aging, but will even maintain its peak performance during stressful times to allow anyone to become a high achiever with constant success in any field.”

– Dr. Henry

A Journey To Everlasting Memories

Ever since its official launch, Memoira™ has been recognized as an effective natural remedy by mental health associations. More than 100,000 of users have already experienced drastic improvements, celebrating a faster brain processing speed with clear and accurate judgements.

Today, after proposing for 99 times, David is finally happily married to Julie, busy preparing for their child’s first birthday and enjoying his job as a memory coach because…

“Memories are just like treasure.”

“It keeps you going in life and it also prevents you from remaking mistakes.”

“Now, I just hope that Memoira™ can help everyone to never forget anything as important as your own loved ones.”

- David

Memories may be able to be recorded in diaries, photos or notes, but just like paper, they can also easily be thrown or go missing.

So why not use the power of your mind and start living in the now?

Nothing is irreversible.