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Discover The Woman Who Has A Permanent
“Halloween Mask”

WARNING: The following image may cause minor discomfort despite being already blurred.

Meet the woman who woke up with someone else’s face! She looks like she has “Halloween makeup” on every day.

After a plastic surgery that has gone wrong, 25-year-old successful supermodel Cynthia’s life changed forever:

“Getting plastic surgery was a mistake that I deeply regret. The cosmetic procedure left me with irreversible scars and I look like I’ve aged 20 years older.”

“I’ve tried different treatment options and scar removal serums but they were costly and made the scars worse.”

“I was an extrovert who enjoyed meeting new people but after the procedures, it robbed my life away! And now I just spend my days hiding in my room because I feel like a monster.”

“I had to give up my dreams of becoming a model and I became depressed. Honestly, I was on the verge of giving up until I met Dr. Gilbert.”


Mountain Of Eternal Youth

Dr. Gilbert is a world-renowned dermatologist, with more than 32 years of experience specializing in conditions involving the skin and traumatic scarring:

“Plastic surgery is growing in popularity each year. When procedures go wrong, it may result in severe scars and disfigurement. This problem is actually more common than most people think.”

-Dr. Gilbert

When Dr. Gilbert first heard about Cynthia’s story, it reminded him of his recent field research trips to the Himalayas:

“My trip to the Himalayas inspired me to help many others like Cynthia, not only to minimize scarring but mainly to feel confident in their own skin.”

“There was a 2000-year-old legend that there was a village in the Himalayas made entirely of those over 100 years old but still look young because of the ‘Holy Fruit of the Himalayas’.”

“Being a skeptic, I decided to visit the place to see for myself. When I was there, I was shocked! It was like a town of wax people. I noticed how young a granny who was in her 90s looked and she doesn’t look a day over 50! She had little to no wrinkles nor discoloration on her skin.”

“During my stay, I saw the locals drinking from a well surrounded by the Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berries) trees. It was this goji-infused water that the locals consumed and applied to their skin to maintain good health and achieve youthful appearance, and eventually become known as the town of longevity.”

-Dr. Gilbert

Experimenting With The Himalayan Holy Fruit

Realizing how the sacred fruit could help Cynthia, Dr. Gilbert managed to bring back some samples and he conducted lab tests to know more about the berry’s hidden potential:

“We discovered that only the Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berries) from the Himalayas contain the highest volume of antioxidants and polysaccharides.”

“These active ingredients are powerful in healing and nourishing skin cells because they’re the only species grown at an elevation of 15,000ft in the Tibetan mountains. The selenium-rich soil of the mountain grows the best quality goji berries.”

-Dr. Gilbert

Realizing how powerful the berries are, Dr. Gilbert worked hard for months to create a prototype serum, and when it was finally ready, Cynthia had to apply it twice daily on her face for the next four weeks:

“Previously, I had to visit the dermatologist almost weekly. They’re costly and my scars were still visible.”

“But within just 3 weeks of using the prototype serum, my skin feels plumper as my stubborn lines have visibly reduced and I’ve noticed how light the previous scars became!”

“The serum is amazing, and it’s not as painful as lasers.”


They Called It Lafrum™

Enthralled, Dr. Gilbert had the vision to launch his own skincare company. Using simple, all-natural ingredients to help others like Cynthia.

So, Dr. Gilbert collaborated with top skincare specialists to create a one-of-a-kind skin rejuvenating serum using the latest state-of-the-art cold-pressed technique.

That is how Lafrum™ was born.

“Lafrum™ is a skin renewal serum that helps to restore the natural skin barrier. It’s a one-stop solution to banish lines and hyperpigmentation scars.”

“When applied, it helps the skin to stay hydrated and maintain elasticity, resulting in the reduction of lines and sagging skin.”

“Besides minimizing the physical signs of aging, the bioactive anti-aging ingredients in Lafrum™ also help to reduce scars and dark spots thanks to the skyrocketing amino acids and minerals from Goji berries.”

“These antioxidant powerhouses stimulate the growth of new skin cells by increasing the blood flow in the scar tissue that exists underneath scarred skin. After each use, it not only reduces the appearance of stubborn lines but also diminishes scarring and age spots while brightening up complexion.”

-Dr. Gilbert

Restoring Self-Confidence

When the first batch of Lafrum™ was launched, Cynthia gave her verdict:

“Although I can’t reverse the damage done to my face, my stubborn scars and premature lines were greatly reduced thanks to Lafrum™. I used to spend thousands on skin treatments but within just three days of using Lafrum™, I noticed how the scars became almost invisible.”

“I don’t even have to wear any concealers anymore. What’s even better is, I finally have the confidence to model again! Thanks to Dr. Gilbert, I’ll be returning to the runway at Fashion Week!”


Lafrum™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

When Lafrum™ was launched worldwide, more than 339,490 units were sold. 98.9% of users in a clinical evaluation reported that it has helped them to revive their skin like never before.

One of them is 64-year-old Jennifer who has deep frown lines and age spots:

“Every morning, I spend hours applying layers of makeup. It’s been years since my friends have seen me without makeup. I tried using high-end skincare but they were ineffective!”

“Honestly, I wanted to give up until I was introduced to Lafrum™. After just five days of using this serum, it single-handedly made my skin spotless.”

“My husband even thought that I had Botox! I can now go out confidently without wearing any makeup and whenever I go out with my daughter, people will assume we’re sisters!”


Join Cynthia and the others who have enjoyed the benefits of Lafrum™. The best time to plan a fresh start for your skin is NOW.

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