Empferia™ - Ember Melody
Overcome Swelling, Inflammation, and Pain Naturally

Swelling is a common health problem and is something that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when it affects the most difficult areas to manage like the feet, ankles, and legs. It is a product of abnormal accumulation of fluid due to a high level of salt retention, cellulitis, poor circulation, or blockages in the blood vessels.

Left untreated, swelling can lead to serious complications – and even worse. If any of the treatments you've used in the past just aren’t cutting it, fret not! Find relief from Empferia™ - our healing massage oil made from the highest quality of finest pure, organic ingredients.

The Healing Wonders Of Natural Ginger Root Extract

There is no other massage oil that is more superior than Empferia™! This is your all-natural remedy for swollen legs, ankles, and bloating. With the seemingly many side effects of synthetic substances, we took a different approach by developing organic formulas that use the best ingredients our nature has to offer.

Formulated using the purest extract of natural ginger root from Phnom Kulen, Cambodia, Empferia™ works its way into the body through several systems and pathways, and then delivers a range of benefits. It gently loosens fluid congestion in swollen legs and other parts of the body to allow for blood and oxygen to circulate freely again. Apart from that, it also eliminates the toxins that impair the body's ability to heal itself.

Amazing Benefits

With powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help lower chronic inflammation

Unclogs the bloodstream and flushes out all the wastes and toxins that build up in our cells

Allows for blood and oxygen to circulate freely in the body

Keeps stomach and facial bloating at bay

Reduces swelling caused by injuries and strenuous activities

Helps the body's natural capabilities to recover

Strengthens the body’s natural defense system

Soothes pain and swelling

Directions For Use

1. Pour some generous amount of oil on your palm.

2. Apply and gently massage the affected swollen or bloated area in circular motions.

3. Use as frequently as needed for relief. It is best to apply it before bedtime for overnight relief.

Note: To avoid allergic reactions, we recommend doing a skin patch test first.

Empferia™ is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted with a carrier oil before application.

For best results, complete 1 full treatment consisting of 3 bottles.
I have had circulation problems for as long as I can remember. The symptoms have extended to leg swelling, soreness, hyper-sensitivity, and general discomfort in my left leg. I tried using Empferia™ after a friend recommended it. The results have been immediate and relieving. This massage oil works for me and I would confidently recommend it to people with similar problems.

Lena Lowe, CA

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I had a fall from a mountain bike which left me with a bruise. Several weeks later, I still had serious swelling around the impact area. A recommendation by my doctor led me to purchase Empferia™. Surprisingly, after only a few days of using it, it has helped me ease the pain and got me back on my feet. The swelling in the impact area noticeably decreased day after day.

Dale Austin, ND

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I had an accident a few years back which developed into cellulitis. After six months of no progress with several practitioners, a friend referred Empferia™. Using this oil has made a huge difference to my condition. The inflammation in my legs has reduced tremendously and I am now able to properly exercise again. To anyone with similar conditions, I would truly recommend Empferia™.

Scarlett Hawkins, OK

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