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Discover The “Elephant Lady” Who Struggles To
Stand With Balloon Legs

Meet the woman who trips and falls every two seconds! Once an ordinary child, she grew up to become known as the “Elephant Lady”.

49-year-old Pamela suffers from a condition that causes her legs to grow three times their normal size and her massive legs seem to have absorbed all of her energy.

Human With “Tree-Trunks” Legs

When she was younger, Doctors couldn't figure out her diagnosis. So, Pamela continued her life just like any other ordinary kid.

But reality started to hit when her legs finally took control of her life. Every step she took as she grew older became a challenge:

“Even simple tasks like showering or walking were difficult for me. Without any help or crutches, I wouldn’t be able to stand for more than two seconds.”

“I’ve tried everything from visiting different specialists to having drain massages and wearing compression stockings but they were all a waste of time, ineffective, and costly!”

“I felt hopeless because there was nothing I could do about it. One day, my legs ultimately gave in and I lost my balance.”

“I was badly injured when I fell down the stairs. That's when I realized I could be bedridden for the rest of my life.”


Elephant Woman’s Health Screening

Pamela’s story and condition intrigued Dr. Walker. With over 35 years of experience, he is a world-renowned vein specialist.

To identify a solution, Dr. Walker performed CT scans on Pamela's massive legs and the results revealed that her lymphatic system was blocked due to poor blood circulation.

“The mysterious swelling is due to the buildup of fluid beneath the skin. It can also be caused by spending too much time sitting or standing in one place.”

“This can result in unpleasant numbing sensations and swelling. So, increasing blood flow is the key to reversing this, to encourage the circulation of fluid in order to remove toxic waste which can help to minimize swelling, inflammation as well as bloating.”

-Dr. Walker

Home Of Cambodian Classical Dancers

Dr. Walker has been researching for a natural approach to help Pamela and her case reminded him of his field research in Phnom Kulen, Cambodia.

It's a village where locals have been using an old massage technique for centuries using a traditional massage oil recipe passed down from their ancestors who were traditional Cambodian classical dancers.

After dancing for hours, they rubbed the oil on their swollen legs to soothe the ache. However, the longer they have used it, it unexpectedly shaped their legs to look slimmer and more sculpted.

Since then, the locals have used the oil blend to treat other aches and Phnom Kulen is now known as the village where ladies of all ages have model-like legs.

It even became a popular tourist destination for people to get leg massages and achieve the toned legs they’ve always desired.

Considering that his previous research could help Pamela, Dr. Walker managed to bring back the oil and tested it out on her:

“After massaging Pamela’s legs with the oil for a couple of hours, Pamela’s legs began to shrink a few inches!”

“She was even able to stand for several minutes without losing her balance.”

-Dr. Walker

Sacred Root From God

After conducting several tests, Dr. Walker discovered that the main ingredient in the oil is none other than Cambodia’s Zingiber officinale or ginger root extracts, exclusively grown only in the Phnom Kulen region.

After running experiments with ginger roots from other parts of the world, only those native to Phnom Kulen had the highest lymphatic stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties as it had absorbed the ideal pH levels of the soil composition.

Dr. Walker was confident that this discovery would revolutionize the medical world. So, he teamed up with the world’s top health experts to create a massage oil that is simple to use and absorbs easily.

And they called it Empferia™. Inspired by Cambodia’s traditional holistic healing, Empferia™ is made from only premium Phnom Kulen ginger root extracts using the latest steam-distillation techniques:

“Empferia™ contains gingerol, a substance that aids in blood circulation and stimulates the release of fluids that have accumulated in the body.”

“Aside from Empferia™'s ability to minimize swelling, anyone suffering from puffiness, swelling, or bloating can also benefit from it due to hormonal imbalances and excess sodium.”

“Using light pressure, Empferia™ drains away extra water and toxins. Great for contouring the body for a more defined overall appearance.”

-Dr. Walker

No More Swelling With Empferia™

When the first batch of Empferia™ first made its debut, Pamela gave her verdict:

“Empferia™ is a lot easier to use! Before I started using Empferia™, I had to spend hours massaging my legs.”

“But now, all it takes is 5 minutes to get rid of the swelling. I felt an immediate relief of pressure, which relieved all of the stiffness.”

“I definitely feel lighter now and no longer feel any numbness anymore. After using it consistently for a few months, I can finally wear my heels.”

“Thanks to Empferia™, I’ve finally regained my health and confidence and I’ve even signed up to compete in a beauty contest!”


Empferia™ Has Gained Major Recognition

When Empferia™ was launched worldwide, the reviews have been amazing.

In fact, 98.5% of satisfied users have reported that it was helpful in reducing uncomfortable swelling and bloating.

One of them is 62-year-old Elle, who has severe fluid retention due to menopause:

“Every morning, I'd wake up with a bloated face. My face and neck were constantly tight and stiff.”

“I’ve tried everything, from applying ice on my face to consulting doctors but everything was ineffective!”

“When my daughter purchased Empferia™ for me, my life has improved! My cheekbones and jawline have become well-defined now.”

“I also use Empferia™ on my legs when they hurt from standing for too long and let me tell you, it’s amazing!”

“Within a few minutes of using the oil, I even forgot about the discomfort in my leg. Empferia™ is without a doubt my favorite product, and I highly recommend it.”


Selling more than 837,939 units worldwide, Empferia™ was a huge success. Join Pamela and the thousands of others who have benefited from Empferia™.

Never underestimate the power of a good oil blend! With Empferia™, a pain-free day is only a few drops away.

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