Robot Invented - Ember Melody
From Zero To Genius: Meet The Kid Whose
Inventing Real-Life Superhero Robots

While other kids his age play with robot toys, he was inventing real robots. Meet the 11-year-old genius roboticist who woke from his final rest.

At first, Jamie was just like any other kid. He enjoyed his early days of exploring the world and absolutely loved to take apart his toys and electronics.

But those happy days came to an abrupt, sudden end.

A Total Shutdown

A sad tragedy struck the family just before Jamie’s 7th birthday. It happened on the drive home after dinner, when they got into a terrible accident.

While his parents were fortunate enough to only receive minor injuries, Jamie was rushed into intensive care, suffering from major brain damage.

The doctors did all they could, but the little boy would remain comatose.

“Doctors said there was no brain activity,”

“We were told he would never wake again,”

“The sight of all those machines they used to keep his heart going…”

“It still haunts me whenever I close my eyes,”

“I still remember the moment doctors asked us to make the decision,”

“Whether or not to take him off life support,”

“But we couldn’t do it,”

“We believed our little boy would open his eyes again one day.”

-Ellen, Jamie’s mother

A Hollow Case

As his parents continued to hope for a miracle, their wish came true when Jamie woke up five months later.

But their joy and celebration were cut short when they realized that their little boy was no longer the one they knew.

“When Jamie woke up, he was like an empty shell,”

“He lost his ability to speak, only able to make noises,”

“Nor could he even understand us anymore,”

“There was nothing he could do but sit there in his wheelchair,”

“We were heartbroken as the doctors said he had irreversible brain damage.”

-Ellen, Jamie’s mother

Determined for their son to live a full life, Jamie’s parents took him to therapists and surgeons across the country.

They hoped that there was someone out there who could help treat Jamie. But time after time, the specialists failed.

Finding Peace

Eventually, they decided to focus on letting Jamie live a quiet, peaceful life instead. They moved out to a sunny, rural island in Sicily with him instead.

Oddly, that was when everything started changing for the better.

Each day that passed, Jamie’s condition began to improve. His motor skills were coming back to him and he was not only able to play with his toys again…

But he started walking once more! This was a feat he had not managed since the accident.

By the end of the month, Jamie’s speech had returned to him.

“It felt like Jamie had come back to us,”

“Words can’t describe how it felt to hear him chatting and laughing again,”

“We spent every moment we could with him, playing games,”

“After nearly losing him once, we learned that every moment is precious,”

“And seeing him embrace his childhood again was like a dream.”

-Ellen, Jamie’s mother

Jamie was taken to see his doctor to make sure he had fully recovered.

His miraculous recovery shocked Dr. Wheeler, a neurologist with 35 years of experience and countless published research papers in medical journals.

After doing everything he could and failing to help the boy, he was amazed and curious about just how Jamie could change so quickly.

So he decided to pay the family’s home a visit to find out more. That was when he found the reason behind his recovery.

Centuries-Old Prayer

Each day, Jamie’s parents would take him to the small, local church that was founded over 800 years ago.

From dawn till dusk, the priests of the church would light incense and hold service for anyone who wished to join in, with the fresh fragrance of the incense filling the air.

Having learned the church’s history over her time there, Ellen shared its story with Dr. Wheeler.

“They’ve held prayers here continuously since their founding,”

“Throughout their history, there have been many visitors who were sick,”

“Some couldn’t even walk or talk,”

“But all of them were healed!”

“Besides the ill, there were many ancient scholars who came here to pray,”

“In doing so, they found their greatest inspiration and ideas,”

“And it’s all thanks to the divine blessing!”

-Ellen, Jamie’s mother

However, with Dr. Wheeler’s long scientific background, he remained skeptical of this tale.

For months, Dr. Wheeler had been contemplating a separate case but the moment he breathed in the scent of the incense, his mind cleared and there in that church…

He realized the solution to the difficult procedure. It was as though every part of his brain was now working in overdrive and his thoughts and ideas were coming faster than ever before.

It made him wonder about the incense they burnt nonstop during their prayers.

The Heavenly Herb

So, Dr. Wheeler requested samples of the incense for further study and discovered that they were made of a subspecies of wild basil that could only be grown on that island.

“The basil contains a unique form of choline,”

“One far more concentrated than others we have observed,”

“Leading it to be more effective by up to 75%,”

“Choline helps the brain regulate memory and intelligence,”

“And also plays an important role in synthesizing DNA in brain development,”

“Allowing it to heal the brain from any trauma and injuries,”

“Which is how Jamie recovered from his condition.”

-Dr. Wheeler

Wishing to share this wonderful gift with the world and help more people, Dr. Wheeler reached out to the church to discuss his findings and they gave him their blessing to create the product.

It took months of trial and error, but Dr. Wheeler was able to extract the purest essence from the herb, infusing it with the strongest concentration of choline.

And soon, he was able to introduce Lacio™ to the world.

“By breathing in Lacio™, the molecules enter the brain tissue,”

“Where it heals brain cells and improves grey matter health,”

“That leads to enhanced cognitive abilities and better problem-solving skills,”

“Resulting in higher intelligence and improved decision making,”

“The essence can also improve emotional health,”

“Leading to reduced anxiety and mental fatigue.”

-Dr. Wheeler

To test its effectiveness, Dr. Wheeler began the clinical trials for Lacio™, starting with Jamie.

“After using Lacio™ daily, Jamie has improved leaps and bounds,”

“He’s surpassed so many of his classmates despite his medical absence,”

“It’s been easier for him to pay attention to his lessons now,”

“And his love for machineries has only been growing,”

“He’s been fixing cars and computers all without manuals,”

“His inventions have gotten him into Ivy League schools at 11!”

“Whilst also working with huge tech companies,”

“I’ve never felt so proud to see him at work.”

-Ellen, Jamie’s mother

To date, Jamie’s engineering has led him to build functioning robots that can help with patient care in hospitals and even perform delicate surgery!

He has not only won countless awards but saved so many lives.

And it’s all thanks to Lacio™

Become The Smartest You

Since Jamie’s success, Lacio™ has helped 750,000 other people by unlocking their brain’s greatest potential!

However, supply of the basil is restricted, and production can only occur once a year.

So, what are you waiting for?

You too can walk the path of the greatest minds of history.