Utari™ - Ember Melody
A Single Drop for a Brighter Brain

The brain is the most important organ in the human body, with all mental faculties like speech and memory linked to it.

However, many factors can cause the decline of even the healthiest brain. Whether caused by genetics, illness or the inevitable march of time- inactive neurons and declining gray matter is something that can affect everyone.

This can lead to many cognitive problems such as forgetfulness, attention deficiencies, impaired judgement and even emotional issues. If any of these conditions concern you, know you are not alone.

Now, we can say goodbye to this fate with the aid of Utari™! An all-natural essential oil, Utari helps to stimulate the brain and boosts its natural abilities to repair and produce healthy neurons.

Take a deep breath and plunge into a new, brighter you today with Utari!

Heaven’s Leaf

Invasive treatments and dangerous chemicals are now a thing of the past with Utari™. Derived from a rare species of wild clary sage found only in the remote mountains of Japan, this incredible oil is a rich source of linalool and linalyl acetate.

When its fresh fragrance is breathed in, the microscopic molecules within the essence penetrates the brain. Within the brain, it repairs decaying neurotransmitters and boosts the production of new healthy neurons.

Built upon a legacy that stretches hundreds of years, Utari™ has been carefully formulated to create the perfect essence that fully utilizes the sage’s incredible properties!

Wonders of Utari™

  • All natural and vegan formulation

  • Improves cognitive functions

  • Expands memory recall abilities

  • Regenerates brain cells

  • Reduces risks of mental decline

  • Enhances focus and alertness
Directions for Use
Mix 2-4 drops with any type of body-safe oil and gently massage the mixture with even pressure into your temples.
Add 4-6 drops of Utari™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner before bed.
Mix 4-6 drops of Utari™ with water and spritz onto pillow before going to bed.

***if you have sensitive skin or nose, do dilute Utari™ with a carrier oil of choice before use. For best result, 3 bottles are needed to complete a full treatment***

What Users Are Saying
My son has been struggling with school since he was little. We were prescribed expensive medications and therapy but those things only seemed to make things worse for him. That was when I heard about Utari™ from some of my friends. After a couple of weeks, my darling son has changed completely! He is studious and attentive in classes and is able to remember every single detail. His teachers gush about the change and how brilliant he has become- I could not be more proud of him. Thank you, Utari™!

Laura Chapman, IA

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I spent thirty years studying and teaching literature in a top educational institution. Academia has always been a great part of my life, which is why when my mental faculties began to decline, it felt like a part of my life was being washed away. But there was nothing I could do. I tried everything but with each day, my memories simply seemed to fade away. My beloved texts that I had memorized since my youth were gone and it was impossible for me to focus and read. My granddaughter bought me a bottle of Utari™ and insisted it would help. I used it to humor her but to my amazement, it worked. I could recite Beowulf and memorize essays with a single glance! I’ve already placed an order for more!

Dr. Jeremy Gardner PhD, CT

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My memory started failing when it came to little things like dates and groceries. But one day, I looked to my own children and could not remember their names. The faces of my grandchildren have been just a fog and it was frightening. My fear has caused me to lash out and each day I’m filled with anxiety. The doctors tried to help but there was nothing they could do but slow down my memory loss. It was only when a nurse recommended Utari™ that things changed completely! I can remember things with ease now and my mind feels clearer and stronger! My grandkids have mentioned that I’ve become the same, loving grandma that I once was. I cannot thank Utari™ enough for giving me a second lease on life!

Mary Greene, MD

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