Sing For life - Ember Melody
No One Realized She Was Hiding The Voice Of An
Angel Behind Her Closed Lips

She once lived in complete silence, yet today- she’s the World’s Youngest Opera Singer with her golden voice winning her countless awards

The Child Aria

The audience listened in awe as the little girl on stage sang “Casta Diva”. Known as one of the world’s hardest opera songs, she made it seem effortless.

Despite only being 8, her powerful voice fills the hall without the need of a microphone. Despite the performance lasting hours, she never falters even once.

She throws her soul into the songs she sings, bringing every listener to tears.

Voiceless Suffering

Many believe Riley was born with her natural talents, yet the shocking truth is that her parents waited 7 years just to hear her voice.

When baby Riley came into the world, she was completely silent.

“As new parents, we expected to face challenges and trouble”

“But no parenting class prepared us for the hardship Riley suffered”

“Since she never made a sound, not even crying when she was hungry or scared”

“We never knew what she wanted when she was growing up”

“Even at age 4, she struggled to understand us and couldn’t even memorize her ABC’s”

“Despite our best efforts to help her, nothing worked”

“The constant medical bills for her therapies nearly bankrupted us”

“But it didn’t matter, we would have done anything to protect our little girl”

-Eliza, Riley’s mother

Disconnected From The World

After years of searching, the family finally met someone who could help Riley. He is none other than Dr. Sullivan, a neurologist with more than 30 years of experience.

Dr. Sullivan was able to diagnose Riley with a severe form of selective mutism.

“Selective mutism is commonly seen as an extreme anxiety disorder”

“But an MRI and PET scan showed the true reason behind Riley’s condition”

“Because Riley’s brain had never actually fully developed in the womb”

“Yes, her throat and voice box are perfectly healthy”

“But her brain does not have the capability to use them”

“As though it is disconnected from the rest of her body”

“Like how a machine is unable to perform a specific function when lacking specific wires”

“This is why she is unable to speak or even make noises”

“And also, the reason why she couldn’t learn or memorize anything”

“Because everything she absorbs would only stop at her vision”

-Dr. Sullivan

Frozen In Time

Fortunately, Dr. Sullivan had been researching ancient remedies for years and he knew there must be a case like Riley’s in history.

Eventually, he came across a study from Ancient Japan.

It was said that the monks of a temple were known for their genius, with minds more advanced that others of the time. This was shown in their complex architectural skills used for their temple- techniques still used in the modern world today.

For hundreds of years, the temple had remained unchanged and from the moment he arrived, Dr. Sullivan felt different.

Amidst the warm scent of dried herbs, he found himself alert despite the jetlag. During his short stay he learnt Japanese through simple conversations and even developed photographic memory that allowed him to memorize long scripts of religious text in Japanese!

Finding Heaven’s Leaf

Curious about the truth, Dr. Sullivan interviewed the head abbot of the temple, and this is what he said-

“Centuries ago, our ancestor came to this mountain, seeking wisdom”

“Here he found an herb growing wild that he had never seen before”

“Breathing in the perfume, he felt a sense of mental clarity”

“It granted him the wisdom to understand the universe”

“He saw the connection between all things in the world”

“For many years, he used the herbs during meditation”

“And would soak the leaves in his bath water in the evenings”

“Over time, it continued to greatly increase his brain power”

“Many others began to follow his teachings and our unique traditions began”

“But the herb could not be grown anywhere else”

“And so, he built this temple”

“Today, many have come to pray for their exams”

“And soon after, every one of them passed their exams with flying colors!”

“It is how this plant received the title, ‘Heaven’s Leaf’”


World Changing Discovery

Amazed by its benefits, Dr. Sullivan returned to his lab with a bundle of herbs for study. He managed to identify the herbs as a subspecies of clary sage.

Dr. Sullivan then ran a few simulation tests using an EEG to discover the clary sage’s effect on the human brain. What he found would change the medical world forever.

“The clary sage mainly consists of linalool and linalyl acetate”

“When breathed in, the microscopic molecules enter the brain”

“Where the linalool promotes cell growth and reproduction of grey matter”

“The brain is made up of grey matter and is linked to higher intelligence”

“As the grey matter is what connects the brain to the spinal cord”

“It also connects the brain to the body, allowing it to function in tip top condition”

“The linalool acts as neuroprotection to repair and heal neurotransmitters”

“Increasing processing speed of the brain up to 75%”

“This allows for quicker problem-solving skills and heightened memory”

“All tests prove that this clary sage can not only aid in brain development”

“But can even offer help to those with ADHD and dementia!”

-Dr. Sullivan

The Introduction Of Utari™

Realizing its potential to help Riley and so many others who struggle mentally, Dr. Sullivan began his work to develop the perfect formula based on the clary sage.

He managed to cleanly extract the purest essence from the herb and fully maximize its powerful abilities.

At long last, Utari™ was born.

A Mother’s Joy

Dr. Sullivan gave a bottle of Utari™ to Riley’s parents to use on their daughter. Each night, they would spray some on her pillow and during the day, they rubbed a few drops on her temples.

Over the coming days, changes began to show.

Riley was soon learning to understand what was spoken to her and she started watching cartoon musicals as though she understood the lyrics.

That was when a miracle occurred after two weeks.

“I still replay that moment in my mind every day”

“Hearing her call us ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ and saying ‘I love you too’”

“The memory makes me cry to this day”

“It felt like at long last, everything was going to be better”


An Aria Is Born

With each passing day, Riley’s interest in music continued to blossom. She would spend every moment singing with her voice as sweet as an angel. Overtime, she grew fascinated by traditional opera, falling in love with the costumes, stage and more importantly- the songs.

Because the operas she watched were often in Italian or French, she ended up teaching herself the languages!

Today at the age of 8, Riley is singing in theatres around the world. Enchanting the hearts of her listeners, she isn’t just the world’s youngest aria- but she’s even able to sing fluently in 7 different languages!

Over 100,000 People Have Experienced The Nootropic Benefits Of Utari™

With 97% of users reporting an increase in mental capabilities. But due to the clary sage’s rarity, production of Utari™ is limited.

So don’t delay and envelop yourself in the symphony of Utari™ today.

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